Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just wanted to make soemthing clear!

Hello everyone,
Recently I have been getting a few messages about how the designs are not mine, well that is true. But the pictures that I posted are years old ones when I was first learning how to do henna, I had to use design books and stuff to first get the hang of the henna. I didn't know back then I was suppose to ask permission first, and I apologize for that mistake. The designs in the first post are not my own they are a mix of Kiran Sahib, Asha Savla, etc, but the henna work done is by me. I do make my own designs as well and just wanted to post a few to share:

Once again I am really sorry!
Salitah Q.


  1. Great picks n designs.. And You r right we do take guidance from mature work when start learning ..
    Thanks for joining me.. I am following u too.