Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Long Gone....Back Again...

My last post was June of 2012 and it is 2013 now!!!! Boy had I gotten lazy, writing isn't my thing at all. I have tried keeping diaries in the past but within few days I get tired of it and just stop. But for this new year I want to blog. I read other blogs all the time and really enjoy them. One of my most favorite is sliceoflemon.com (check it out!!). I doubt will ever get to her level of writing but still it would be fun and would be nice to share the little knowledge I have about anything. I also want to expand, instead of just being about henna maybe some beauty tips, styling tips (how to look great in hoodies and pajamas!), and just regular everyday stuff. Let's see where this will take us...hopefully you guys will enjoy! Wish me Luck!!

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